I'm a UI/UX designer based in Nigeria and I'm passionate about clean and usable interfaces.

Hello, I’m a UI/UX designer in Nigeria and I also build chatbots and WordPress websites.

My design process focuses on delivering functional digital products in an agile environment to ensure effective roll out of these digital products. In order to make sure the product design process is seamless, I try to understand and analyse the problem and business objectives of the platform , make research by analyzing strengths, weaknesses and user pain points comparing them to existing competitors.

I have a strong eye for clean and functional designs. I can help you craft your mobile and desktop experiences.

My Experience

My Product design career started in August 2018 and I’ve successfully crafted out clean and functional digital interfaces and awesome user experience for a good number of companies – Elikya Finance, CityCore Nigeria, MBAForex, UNIRACT, Luxeno, Konveyo, PayAlat and others.

Michael Ajah
Product Designer | 2018 -Present
Web Developer | 2013- Present

During any project I have worked on I don’t restrict myself to design. The blend of design, user experience, and customer relations is where I excel most. A properly executed product design should not only translate into economic value for your business but it should also provide value to your customers.

Through research into the target audiences your business is serving, I can help you to identify the needs of your  customers, then compare that with your value proposition. By developing branded aesthetics and the right product strategy, your end-user will then enjoy the best possible user experience. Read more about the mission.

During my career, I have taught myself the possibilities and restrictions of user interfaces and I work flexibly with teams

My Skills



Adobe Creative Suite




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Rapid Prototyping

Using tools like Adobe XD, Sketch and Protopie, I can create the best visual representation of the product you have in mind

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I work quickly within timelines and deliver high quality products with high attention to detail

Call: +234 813 437 5481

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